What is #Fitfarmer?


#Fitfarmer is a sharing initiative to inspire an active lifestyle for those living in rural farm communities.  As a farmer, father, and businessman I know how hard it is to balance the pressures of life with finding time to eat a balanced diet and train as a competitive athlete.  #Fitfarmer is to share training and health tips for those of us who don’t live next door to a gym but have endless acres of potential to train.  This initiative is all about supporting healthy choices while enjoying a rural lifestyle.

The goal of these blogs is to share the products, ideas, and exercises that I use in my attempt to stay fit, fast, and strong as an endurance athlete.  It is also to create an online community of rural fitness enthusiasts that share their training practices and ideas to keep a healthy living interesting and fresh. 


Fitness and health has long been a passion of mine, after graduation I earned a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta.  Despite having not used this degree in a formal career setting for a some time it has always influenced how I live my everyday life.  I have long wanted to create a plaform to share and inspire others to do the same.  I am a competitive endurance mountain bike racer, a Level 4 CANSI instructor, runner, hockey player, and endorphine junkie constantly working to be the best all round athlete I can be.

I know as well as anyone how hard it is to keep discipline when it feels nobody is watching and for those of us with hundreds of miles of country roads between us that is everyday.  Stay fit, train hard, have fun!

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