Recovery from #Harvest2016


It is November 12 and the combine has been rinsed off and put away for the season. It is 4:30am and I am sitting up having a coffee my mind still racing from this three month (4 calendar month) nightmare that will forever be immortalized by every farmer in western Canada #harvest16. As I sift through the pile of mail at my desk and put the finishing touches on my AFSC harvested crop report before the Nov 14 deadline I can already hear myself repeating the story of this season to future generations of farmers. I sit thinking to myself holy fuck what just happened and why are there Christmas decorations in the stores? Harvest 2016 will be the benchmark story lets hope for a very long time.

About 3 months ago I did a podcast and written blog to help farmers with stress management tips for a healthy harvest as part of my #fitfarmer initiative. Tips like diet, exercise, audio books for the long hours in the combine. These tips were to manage stress on “typical” year. Looking back and reading it I almost laugh at it’s simplicity, laugh at what “typical” harvest stress feels like compared what we just experienced.   Did I follow any of my own advice during the most stressful harvest quite possibly ever? Nope, I cracked, I for one of the first times in many, many, years cracked under the pressure of this season. I essentially fell off the health and fitness wagon for the last two months. Looking back it was not because I didn’t have the time during the snow storms and endless unproductive days of rain and fog, I had nothing but time but the excessive amount of stress caused me to shut down mentally.

So now what? I still aspire to live a high performance lifestyle in every regard. I still aspire to have a work life balance despite having lost my way during the last two months. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The ability to learn, rebound, and move forward with a refocused plan post #harvest16 is all we can do. Over the next couple months I will be posting on my progress and leaving tips and tricks to regaining a healthy mind and body before the seeds go back in the ground next spring.


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