Marathon…. sure why not! #FitFarmer

In my pursuit of completing my 50 before 50 list I have decided that shorty after my 45th birthday I will be taking on my first Marathon.  If you are thinking you did not know I am a runner that’s for good reason….because I am not. However I also don’t consider myself strictly “a cyclist” despite it consuming over 20 years of my life.  My fitness goals and life goals are to inspire and scare myself every year by taking on new and harder challenges. Outside of taking on some self supported cycling events (which are on the list) it is getting harder and harder to scare me with two wheels underfoot so I thought why not put on the running shoes.  I know that logically I should build up from a half (which I have not completed formally) to full marathon but to be honest my mind skips skips anything I feel will be under two hours directly to a marathon as the stepping stone to an ultra then possibly badwater as a final goal, that is just how I am wired.

This irrational thinking probably is likely responsible for not only choosing a marathon as this years goal but also one in 14 weeks as to not interrupt my cycling season too much.  So just like that I have embarked on transforming my mindset from cycling as fast as possible to running as fast as possible. I have no idea what fast is or even any clue what my goal time will be,  however I will prepare and compete with the same focus as I put into any goal I take on.

I think that finding ways to grow, evolve, and challenge ourselves is one of the most amazing gifts we have.  As we age we lose our imagination for big goals, we stop scaring ourselves into being and doing more. We become complacent and settle into a comfort zone that justifies a deteriorating fitness because we are fitter than most and that is a constantly lower bar to adhere to. I do not know what the next 15 weeks has in store but I know that despite not being “a runner” my fire is ignited and I will be there to compete on June 16!

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