I don’t wear LuLu

OK. I know this post has nothing to do with anything, but it’s my blog and I will write whatever is on my mind. And right now, I am getting sick of guys telling me I should buy some “Lulu” clothing because it is “sooo comfortable.” Over the past year this topic has come up more times than I care to discuss and, even worse, is it usually sparks a heated debate when I say I refuse to buy or wear it. I have a ton of respect for the company, the quality of the garments and even the styles; however, it will be a frosty day in a really hot place when I choose to wear it over the brands such as Under Armour or Nike.

Now before I get into this blog, take a couple deep breaths, as I am sure I have already offended 99% of the population on earth with my intro. I want to first put a couple of disclaimers out there before I dig myself in any deeper. I love everything about the company Lululemon; in fact, I have family members who have appeared in their sales catalogs and even work as ambassadors for this product. I have done well financially purchasing its stocks, and endorse every woman owning and wearing it. This post is not undermining the quality of the product but, rather, to explain my personal decision that Lulu is just not for me, and the fact I am sick of people telling me I should try it.

I really think that it is admirable that a product can have such a faithful following that it angers its customers when someone states they choose not to try it. I have heard pretty much every redneck, small town farm boy comment on my opinion and yet the stubborn side of my argumentative nature chooses to stir the pot by writing a blog about it. I have spent a fair amount of time in Lulu shopping for my wife and I rarely see guys over on the men’s side just browsing the product, yet I go to the gym, Starbucks or even a pub and look around and can spot half the guys in the place wearing it. What I wonder is are these guys really buying it on their own free will, or are they just lacking the back bone to tell their girlfriends/wives to take these gifts back? What I think happens is that women are in the store feeling guilty for paying the exorbitant prices for workout/lounge clothing, so they think if they buy their significant others a few items they can justify the purchase or, even better, get them hooked on it.

I think Lululemon is the crack of women’s clothing: once they own one item they are hooked. And justifiably so, as it is flattering for every body type, and it is comfortable and stylish. It can be worn to the gym, coffee shop, out shopping and even work. It is probably the only universally accepted clothing for just about any situation. Having its roots in the Yoga world means that, for women, the image it portrays is healthy, active, and even spiritual.

Now, I am a pretty forward thinking guy when it comes to style; in fact, I am probably one of the most style-conscious farm boys you will ever meet. I, however, really don’t see a void that Lulu fills in menswear, keeping in mind the two primary functions of Lulu are athletic wear and formfitting casual wear. As a guy, I buy athletic wear for working out and casual clothing for everything else. When it comes to athletic wear there are so many options for guys – from Reebok and Nike, and my personal favorite, Under Armour. All of these options have unlimited choices for fit, style, and function. Now I am not sure about all of you, but as a guy I do not care to showcase the areas Lulu emphasizes on the female form.

Why is Under Armour Armour is attire of choice? Mostly just the fact that it is at the polar opposite end of branding and image from Lulu. It is the attire of choice for the guy’s guy and slightly lower on the testosterone level I can still pick from Nike or Reebok. I guess the more I think about it, given the options for active clothing I am not sure why I want to share my choice with my wife. As far as for casual wear, I will just grab a loose-fitting pair of Nike track pants for around the house; I find it hard to believe that anything could be more comfortable. I hope that in writing this post I was perfectly clear with my position on “trying” Lulu clothing and it may just save me explaining my position in future discussions on this topic. Please forgive my narrow mindedness if you are a guy who just likes to browse the aisles of Lulu in your spare time, and I hope that for rest of you this post gives courage to ask your significant other for the gift receipt.


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