Easter Sunday Ride

Well it started pretty much like any other day where I was invited Calgary for an "epic group ride" with my good friend Keith Bayle.  Now Keith and I go back over 10 years, and have an amazingly good record for starting these "epic" ride days in good humour and ending them in near death.  So why keep coming in? If I had to guess, it would be that nobody seems to bring out the masochistic self destructive side of my compulsive nature quite like Keith. And what doesn’t kill us makes us

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Harvest Journal Post #1


Well after weeks of waiting for the rain, frost, fog, and generally miserable weather to break, we are now having some sun and heat.  Now, the standing crops have yet to cure fully and the swaths are a little tough yet; however, the forecast is good and the overall is a bit more optimistic

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If you are in the real estate industry and have not heard of QR "Quick Response" codes in the past six to eight months, you have been doing a pretty good job of hiding from emerging technology. I have had a somewhat reserved opinion on the use of QR codes. In fact, it’s been so reserved that this is my first blog post discussing them. The reasoning behind my reserved opinion is that I really did not see any practical use in my real estate business at this time, being in a very small rural community. The second reason I have not posted on QR codes in Real Estate is that they already been written about extensively through numerous blogs and articles by many authorities in real estate marketing, so I did not feel further discussion was necessary.

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It has been a while since I have posted a rant; however, this is a topic that has been bothering me for many years. The point of this blog page is to voice my opinions and views as I see them. So, today I will be tackling the practice of assigned sales people by companies. I would like to think I know a thing or two about sales, having built a successful real estate business and brokerage as a result of my attention to changes in customer preferences.

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I don't wear LuLu

OK. I know this post has nothing to do with anything, but it’s my blog and I will write whatever is on my mind. And right now, I am getting sick of guys telling me I should buy some “Lulu” clothing because it is “sooo comfortable.” Over the past year this topic has come up more times than I care to discuss and, even worse, is it usually sparks a heated debate when I say I refuse to buy or wear it. I have a ton of respect for the company, the quality of the garments

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MyDeere Touch ?

I seem to have a problem focusing on one technology tool at a time. Today I have been looking at two amazing technology tools coming out in 2011 by Ford and John Deere. Again, my mind has wondered about combining these two into one amazing super command center that I can only dream about.

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This may seem like a hypocritical blog posting coming from a REALTOR(R); however, I am also a farmer and I am often asked how much of my real estate business is composed of selling agricultural farm land. The answer to this question, in all honesty, is it is very little. In fact, less than five per cent of my business income is "farm land.”  There are several reasons for this, and that is what I am discussing today.

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Otterbox Defender Review iPhone 4

Running a real estate business along with my farm requires carrying my technology with me all the time. This is not much of a problem when I am wearing a suit doing my real estate business; however, work on the farm requires a slightly different approach. As much as we can say the cost of technology is dropping, being an early adopter comes at a cost – the new $800 iPhone 4 is a perfect example.


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Fit Tips from the Farm

Well another year is nearly over and for myself, like many, January is always a good time to review goals –both business and personal – and set new ones for a new year. One popular area for review is often fitness and health, yet is also the most commonly broke New Year’s resolution. Those of you who know me know that I have a Physical Education degree from the University of Alberta and take my health very seriously; however, we all have room to improve and share in ways to support meeting our goals. It was not long ago that I let my fitness slide over a five-year period and still struggle to find ways to balance it into my schedule.

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When I first started farming with my dad I was still in University. The Internet was nothing more than a novelty and life on the farm was pretty simple. Every morning dad would swing by the farm, pick me up like clockwork at 6:45 a.m., and we would head to town for coffee before starting work for the day.

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OK. I know this seems like a random comparison between three Apple products, but it is a question that I have been asked now at least a dozen times in the last week of carrying both the 11” Air along with my iPad and, of course, my iPhone. So I have decided to write a post on the pros, cons, and roles of each device as it relates to me. I am not choosing one over the other; I am just posting my views since the addition of my new 11" MacBook Air about three weeks ago.


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Top 3 Tech Tools at Harvest

There is a lot of preparation leading up to harvest, but one area that is often overlooked is connectivity in the combine. This year I am especially excited with the release of the iPad. In the past I have been connected with my MacBook Air and my cell phone, but this year my iPad and (if I can ever get my hands on) an iPhone 4 will be my tools of choice. Being connected while in the combine has been crucial to running my real estate business, and I have tried just about every gadget, Bluetooth device and tool on the market. This blog is about some of my must-haves for the 2010 harvest.

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