Farm Blogs - Which Blog Platform Is The Best?

The first thing people think of in terms of agribusiness does not usually involve the internet. However, in today’s economy, the internet may be a good tool for the agriculture business.

Among the many tools the internet puts at the farmer’s disposal these days, are farm blogs. Agribusiness blogs allow those in the agriculture business to express their opinions, tell farming stories, and report agriculture news.

Blogs are now one of the most common ways for companies to put themselves on the map. Most news websites have a blog (the New York Times has over 50 blogs), many organizations and companies make use of a blog platform for their websites, and many blog services are free. Free Blog services include the three most popular: Blogger, WordPress, and Tumbler.
farm blogs - which blog platform is the best?By definition a blog is an internet site that has the author’s opinions and views, and information about the author’s company, product or business. Usually, viewers are allowed to comment on these blog entries, making them interactive and allowing the author the possibility of gathering feedback and information. It is all about sharing information, telling a story.

Setting up a blog is easy, and with WordPress the user has easy and unlimited customization options. Millions use these services, because they are simple to set up, and offer tools to format and integrate text, audio, video, and pictures. Anyone can create an account and be publishing in five minutes with any one of these three. is the most well-known blogging service. It offers free hosting, blog themes to and unlimited customization, and a web interface to manage your posts and multiple blogs. Many people are familiar with this service, which makes asking for help easy. There are many WordPress books available for beginning to advanced bloggers. is the open source sister site of It offers full access to theme customizations, plug-in use, and freedom of control. These features are in exchange for the cost of having technical ability to set up and host the software on your own server, and that is very affordable. offers some premium items like extra storage space, custom domains, no ads, and fancy themes. Wordpress has a very inexpensive hosting fee, along with unlimited customization and complete access to the blog. has many advantages that make it the best platform of the top three. Other advantages include quick easy startup, a nice migration path to self-hosted site, and a very large expertise base when help is needed.