The 7 Must Have Networks of a Farm Blogger

If you are a farm blogger nothing can help your business out more than maximizing your social media network. Each social media website offers s different set up and unique benefits for your company. They are designed with their own personality that can be leveraged to help you company succeed.


With over 3 billion hours of video watched each month, YouTube could be your ticket to business success. Creating a video can help you to tell the story behind your company and make it appealing to customers. When it comes to brand recognition, YouTube is king. Videos can be linked onto your blog or profile to engage new clients.


Any farm blogger who is serious about making an on-line presence should set up a Facebook page. This website is the most popular social networking site in the entire world. From grandparents to teenagers, everyone is on Facebook to share their photos, status and life stories. You can create a profile for your business to make it seem friendlier and connect on an entirely new level. As new users like your comments, your page will gain exposure in their friend groups. The more likes you get, the more your business’s popularity will snowball.


For a more casual business, Twitter is a great way to instantly connect with users. You post a status and it is instantly viewable on your friend’s website.


This social media site was designed to meet the visual needs of its users. Anyone on the website can pin their favorite photos to their webpage or share them with friends. This website is great for an industry that is extremely visual. Post a link to your website so that when users look for the source of the photo, they will be redirected to your blog or webpage!


About 1.1 million individuals visit Quora each month. For a large readership or instant advertising potential, Quora is the wrong website. The best thing about using the media site is the interactive question and answer options. You can set up your company as a leader in the field and develop your brand name.


Google+ is slowly starting to pick up speed. Created as an alternative to Facebook, it has become so much more since it started in 2011. Even with the lower audience, farm bloggers cannot afford to miss out on Google+. Google uses the +1 ratings from its content to figure out where a page will rank in its search engine. If you use Google+ and get a lot of +1’s, the ranking for your website will be higher.


Last on the list is a social media website strictly designed for the business world. LinkedIn is created for business, employees and industry leaders to create a network. This highly effective website is perfect for generating leads and connecting to other leaders in the industry. Your company can connect to other business owners, find clients and develop a following.