How QR Codes Can Unlock Your Farm Blog Potential

QR Codes for Farm Blogs








A Quick Response Code, or QR Code, is the two-dimensional matrix barcode which enables consumers to have instant access, through an easy scan from their smartphone. With millions of people in the country using smartphones (it is estimated that around 110 millions use it in the country and around 94% farmers own them), this mobile readable bar code enables increased brand transparency as consumers get instant mobile access to connect.

There are websites that help generate QR code easily. After the code is generated, you must add some value. Links must be provided to a prime location of your farm blog. Consumers can see various marketing campaigns that include email sign-ups, promotional campaigns like future coupons, discounts, etc and latest product information.

Your farm blog must not only be good to look at but must also be well designed and easy to navigate. It must be mobile friendly and give easy and quick access to pages the consumer wants to visit to know about a particular product. Consumers can easily get frustrated and they can easily turn to any other company that offers them what they had come to you for (this is usually determined within the first few seconds of being on a site!).

You can also change the scan destination with the code. The consumers are directed to the place where you want them to be the most, thus enabling them to stay connected and be informed at all times.

The easy and fast readability and comparatively large storage capacity to include texts, url links, geo coordinates, etc, has made QR Codes very popular.

The codes, containing the details about your blog and other information can be placed next to all your products in your website and blog. It can be added to your business cards with all details needed to contact you, which can then be added by the consumers directly into their cell phone.

Want to do something different with your QR Code? Incorporate it into your logo (below is an example of how Macy's did this with one of their recent campaigns).

With the use of QR Codes, you will know when and how many times the code was scanned and what kind of device it was scanned with. It helps to keep track, know how interested your consumers are, and also plan for future marketing campaigns.