P.S. Your Farm Blog is Udderly Boring

boring farm blog

Newsflash!  Your readers (that you have worked so hard to gain) might be thinking your farm blog is boring — but it does not have to be that way. But, you CAN create an engaging, informative website. Here's how:

You Matter

Your voice matters if you want your farm blog to stand out. It is not about creating content or spinning stories. A blog should have a vivid voice and a genuinely helpful purpose. When reading content on-line, readers get quickly bored. Items and companies are over-promoted so the focus of the blog switches from answering a question to marketing. You can still market a product, but it should not be the primary purpose behind writing the blog. Create unique, engaging information.

No matter what you do, avoid writing mindless drivel. We read enough business contracts, school textbooks and stock quotes on a daily basis. When readers find your blog, they want a succinct post that answers their questions without boring them to death.

Interviews, Photos and More

A blog could just be an article on the new technology and top news stories. Instead of following the crowd, you can make your blog stand out. A post does not have to remain focused on articles and content. You should make your topic visually stand out with a unique photo or interview an authority in the field.

Another idea that is used by top blogs: use the media and controversy for your advantage. When a new article starts trending in the media, you can write a spin-off article related to it. Back when the Snuggie first came out, it quickly rose in popularity around the country. Instead of writing a tedious article about television marketing, you could write an article titled, “Television Marketing Lessons from the Snuggie”.

Interact with Readers

With the rise of social media, users are accustomed to interactive websites and interfaces. Make your blog interactive by allowing user comments. To get people talking, try writing an article on a controversial topic. Users may not agree with you, but the article will get everyone commenting and interacting. Bloggers can also conduct polls or ask for the reader’s input. Users can get involved in the blog and reach out to others.

Making a farm blog does not have to be boring. You can create a blog that engages the reader and provides valuable insight on your topic. Write with a unique voice and you will be able to develop a strong readership in no time.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get creative and get blogging!