How To Use Google Like The Expert Farmer You Are!

How to use Google








Anyone who has ever used Google knows how difficult it can be to search for what you are looking for. For beginning users, the normal method of finding a website is to type in a search term and keep modifying it until the correct website pops up. To get ahead in your search queries, try some of these simple tips.

Narrowing Down the Search Term

If you are looking for a watch repair shop, just typing “watches” into the search bar may not work. Make the phrase more unique and type “watch repair”. When you place the search term in quotation marks, it will also make sure that you find that explicit phrase. You can also get rid of phrases that do not interest you by placing it after a dash “-“. In the watch scenario, you may want to avoid any websites selling a watch. You could type: watch repair-buy. If you change this to the “~ “, you can add similar words. If you live in Atlanta, you may want to type: “watch repair” ~ Atlanta. By doing this, you will get more relevant hits for your search term.

Doing the Work for You

Instead of having to look up specific information, you can just type it into your search bar. If you want to know where an area code was from, type in the first three digits into Google. In this scenario, you might type in: 360. After you hit search, the Pacific Northwest would pop up as the region on your screen. You can also search using an X..Y modifier if you want information from a certain date in time. You should first type in the phrase, then the initial number, two periods and the terminal number. If I was researching the last ten years of the Nobel Prize recipients, my search would look like this: Nobel Prize 2000..2012.