Why Farm Businesses Shouldn't Use free E-Mail Services

Should you opt for those free e-mail accounts when you have a farming business? At first glance it seems as though this free service offers you all the features you need. To make it even better, these e-mail services cost you nothing. Of course there really is no such thing as a free lunch, is there? Maybe it's about time to reconsider whether that e-mail is really such a good deal after all.

As the foremost representative of your business venture you want others to know that you are a serious professional. A free e-mail address has the potential to make your farming business appear to be more of a hobby. In order to convey a positive business identity it is more suitable to present e-mail that originates from a personal domain web hosting account.

Did you even realize that a number of free email providers do not allow you to forward mail from other sources? This has been a headache for many people, and those big companies such as Yahoo are not offering 24/7 customer service just to help you track down your mailed messages.

Another point to consider is that many of the electronic messages that contain gmail.com, aol.com or yahoo.com in their address land in a SPAM box. These addresses have practically become synonymous with SPAM due to the abuse by overeager online advertisers. If you present email that is readily identified as belonging to your farming business then the recipient will be much more willing to open your messages and read them. Remember that forwarding your messages through one of the free e-mail sites might be convenient but you run the risk of having these messages tossed aside just because of an issue with your address.

Many individuals automatically set their e-mail filters to weed out messages from specific sources, including the major providers of free e-mail services. If you think about it you may have had to retrieve a few of your own messages that inadvertently got diverted to a SPAM folder. Who knows just how many business messages have been overlooked or never read simply because they were originating from a source that provided free e-mail accounts.

With your webmail and domain name you have access to professional e-mail services at the click of a button. You will be able to send and retrieve messages quickly and you will even be able to prevent SPAM mail bombarding your inbox.

Keeping your farming business name on your email also gives you some extra advertising at not extra cost. Just keep your web domain updated and active and you can continue to use the same name for as long as you wish. Most farming businesses are designed to stand the test of time. Shouldn't your e-mail be designed to do the same?