Flaunt Your Stuff!

Have you ever considered using Instagram for business? If you are not sure what it is or how it can help you, this is the time to learn. This free mobile app for sharing photos has more than 80 million users and can benefit agricultural businesses as well as retail.

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Anyone who is on the Internet can instantly access a discussion board. These on-line forums are used in a variety of different subject areas for people to ask questions or bring up a topic. Each conversation is organized into a thread where answers and comments are posted in response. Farmers can use a discussion board to grow their agricultural enterprise or to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. They can start a new thread by asking a question and get others to add input into the conversation. 

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Farm machines have turned high-tech with the launch of Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technologies by Case IH, a global leader in equipment manufacturing. 

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Anyone who has ever used Google knows how difficult it can be to search for what you are looking for. For beginning users, the normal method of finding a website is to type in a search term and keep modifying it until the correct website pops up. To get ahead in your search queries, try some of these simple tips.

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Capturing Your Day on the Farm with a Smartphone

Farmers today can utilize their Smart Phones by showcasing what they do on a daily basis.

Farming with the Smart Phone is a great way to spend a day on the farm by displaying your daily job activities, the growth and progress that is made and any obstacles that you overcome in regards to farming. 

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Newsflash!  Your readers (that you have worked so hard to gain) might be thinking your farm blog is boring — but it does not have to be that way. But, you CAN create an engaging, informative website. Here's how:

You Matter

Your voice matters if you want your farm blog to stand out. It is not about creating content or spinning stories. A blog should have a vivid voice and a genuinely helpful purpose. When reading content on-line, readers get quickly bored. Items and companies are over-promoted so the focus of the blog switches from answering a question to marketing. You can still market a product, but it should not be the primary purpose behind writing the blog. Create unique, engaging information.

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Farm Blogs Tags and Categories - What and Why?








To put it in simple terms, tags are words or sometimes phrases that describe what a blog post is about. Farm blogs use them to show what the theme for the post is. The blog can be further divided into categories that clearly illustrate the topic. Farmers can divide their posts into spring planting topics, opinion or weather. 


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If you are a farm blogger nothing can help your business out more than maximizing your social media network. Each social media website offers s different set up and unique benefits for your company. They are designed with their own personality that can be leveraged to help you company succeed.

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Farm Blogs - Which Blog Platform Is The Best?

The first thing people think of in terms of agribusiness does not usually involve the internet. However, in today’s economy, the internet may be a good tool for the agriculture business.

Among the many tools the internet puts at the farmer’s disposal these days, are farm blogs. Agribusiness blogs allow those in the agriculture business to express their opinions, tell farming stories, and report agriculture news.

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Should you opt for those free e-mail accounts when you have a farming business? At first glance it seems as though this free service offers you all the features you need. To make it even better, these e-mail services cost you nothing. Of course there really is no such thing as a free lunch, is there? Maybe it's about time to reconsider whether that e-mail is really such a good deal after all.

As the foremost representative of your business venture you want others to know that you are a serious professional. A free e-mail address has the potential to make your farming business appear to be more of a hobby. In order to convey a positive business identity it is more suitable to present e-mail that originates from a personal domain web hosting account.

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A Quick Response Code, or QR Code, is the two-dimensional matrix barcode which enables consumers to have instant access, through an easy scan from their smartphone. With millions of people in the country using smartphones (it is estimated that around 110 millions use it in the country and around 94% farmers own them), this mobile readable bar code enables increased brand transparency as consumers get instant mobile access to connect.

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While Facebook and Twitter are great places to interact with your farm’s customers, it can be a costly mistake to make these social sites the home of all of your content. Interacting online and creating content may only take a few minutes per day, but they take hundreds of hours per year.

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