This is by far the most blair witch of all my videos but thats what I get for going 14 mph against the air drill runs! Anyway my discussion today was on Google Hangouts and how it may give Google + an needed edge over Facebook and Twitter in gaining users in the crowed social media space. Only time will tell but for now I think it has a very strong chance of catching on. If your a fellow tech farmer geek message me as I will be doing invites for both scheduled hang outs about agriculture, real e

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Having a farm blog is one thing, but having one that actually produces results is a completely other thing.


There are actually many aspects of writing a blog post that can make it or break it for you in the search engine world.  Optimizing both your site as a whole and your posts individually can make the difference in being seen or being practically invisible.  Below are the top seven SEO mistakes bloggers and site owners make which you can fix today:


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Just wanted to post a short video to thank CEP Canada and Kevin Jagger for rewarding me with a pair of compression socks for commenting on his blog several weeks ago. I have now had a chance to try them for a week and I have to say I am very impressed with respect to both training and recovery in these comfortable socks. I was a bit skeptical at first however having tried them I am now sold and will be ordering a couple more pairs for sure. Thanks again for the prize and your attention to custom

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Even though I have have a passion for music I have never really felt the need to embed a video into my blog until I heard this track by country emerging star Dustin Lynch "She Cranks My Tractor" pretty much is everyting that gets a country boy's heart racing and thumping the windows of his F-150 on a gravel road.  Great track and even better video, classic tractors, beautiful girl skinny dipping, serioulsy I can't think of a damn thing to add ;)

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Pinterest for farmers is a visual plethora of favorites, from calves to food tips to crops and much more. Everyday images that the farmer takes for granted bring wonder and education to those who do not live on a farm. It "humanizes" the farm and ranch to the mainstream public, actually interested in more than crazy shoes and cute fashions.

Building trust is part of education, letting people know what we do. Although the farmer is still trusted, many people question the practices surrounding farming. Photos and videos, showing the caring of the land and animals, help build trust and emotional involvement of others. Agriculture is brought to life, and daily chores become fascinating to others who have never experienced life on the farm. Here are some terms which you should know when using Pinterest:

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A tech savvy farmer knows the importance of utilizing emails and the Internet to keep in touch with clientele and other potential customers. Here are 12 more tips on how to use email and technology effectively.

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Those involved in farming and marketing their products are probably already involved with social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Now an app on your iPhone can be added that will save time and offer convenience while about your daily activities. A powerful tool to help is the use of the best IFTTT recipes.

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One of the problems with writing a blog is that we often get too busy with farm business and do not have time or forget to update the blog with exciting and unique content. Consistency is one of the most important factors in creating a blog that will be read and enjoyed. An editorial calendar can help solve this problem.

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Mailbox App Review


Mailbox is the latest cellphone app that is designed for the iPhone and Gmail. It allows user the ability to manage their inboxes with an efficient and streamlined approach. Most individuals handle a large volume of mail each day, and you're probably no different!



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Websites in the past have neglected to provide mobile support, but as technology advances, mobile accessibility is now the wave of the future, and it’s a great way to reach your targeted audience. Whether you’re trying to provide the necessary information to the community, or you are interested in increasing revenue, mobilizing your Internet site can be a profitable win for your blog. The following checklist will help improve your mobile experience.

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Media Release

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Harvest Days Is Back, and It’s Time to Welcome the Year of the Sugar Beet

August 16, 17, 18


Picture Butte, AB – Coyote Flats Pioneer Village, home of the Prairie Tractor & Engine Museum, prepares for yet another Harvest Days. This year’s annual show, taking place August 16-18, is honouring the theme of the sugar beet, which drove one of Southern Alberta’s king industries of the past. Bigger and better displays, new activities, and a book launch from author Belinda Crowson are all contributing to make this the best Harvest Days yet. 

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One of the first things a new reader notices on your site is how fast the page loads. Even if the web developer has the best site in the world, they will not be able to keep readers if the page loads too slowly. Google also places a high value on speed since the search engine wants viewers to have the best experience. If the website is not operating at optimal levels, it could lose its Google ranking.  Farm bloggers can check the performance of their website easily using Pingdom. This prog

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