Harvest 2010 is finally in full swing and we are hoping for a couple of weeks of sunshine. To say the dust is flying would be an understatement. The canola that has been swathed and rained on for over a month is turning to powder after going through the combine,its OK with me so long as it stays dry!

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I don't want to come across negative toward my fellow industry members however I often hear negative comments about "part time" REALTORS®. I could easily be put in this classification having two full time jobs and I take offence to these comments. Most I my issues are with disorganized or inefficient members, I could care less if they have two or ten jobs as long as they are doing them all well and have systems in place for doing them.

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Just some of my initial thoughts on Google+ after giving it a couple weeks of trial during harvest 2011.

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Just another day chasing geese off of the Barley! Man I hope we get the weekend heat so we can combine soon!

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Hopefully by the end of the day today I will be posting video from the cab of my John Deere 9660 while harvesting, however until then here is a quick preview of the tech tools I have installed for this harvest. I have been getting a lot of twitter inquires about the brackets for my iPad, cell boosters, etc, so this video hopefully will answer those questions. Feel free to post comments on any other tools you are using to make your harvest productive!

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Just for Victor Lund in CA and because boredom has overcome me on this "feels like -49 day"!

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As promised earlier in the year I have finally posted my review of the new addition to TractorView farm the 4660 Spray Coupe. I have to say that for a small to mid sized farming operation this sprayer is the perfect fit. If your looking to move from a ground sprayer to an economical high clearance outfit this has been great around our farm.

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Taking a short exterior preview of the new John Deere S-Series Combine at Evergreen Equipment in Drumheller. This massive S690 has a lot of design and performance changes I hope to be able to do both a field test and review the interior in future posts. All I have to say is WOW I can't wait to see this thing in action!

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Just a short post questioning why the Rate your REALTOR® proposition did not proceed. I am happy to let the cards fall where they may and move forward in a democratic structure but occasionally I struggle understanding. Feel free to comment or give me your thoughts.

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Cloud storage has been getting a lot of buzz again probably a result of the soon to be released iCloud. However even in the absence of iCloud there are so many great cloud computing options I just wanted to remind my farm followers of the importance of getting all of your documents online for access from the tractor or combine.

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Well better to post late than never! It was a long challenging start to 2013 but I have finally downloaded a few of the videos that I created this spring and have some time to post them. I just wanted to discuss submersing ourselves in technology as REALTORS® if we are going to use it in our business. Challenge yourself know more than the minimum about the tools you are going to apply to your sales business.

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