Rain, rain go away don't come back another day! It is September 10 and we have only got in a couple days of swathing and we have received more rain. On a positive note it was only enough to stop us for a day or two. As long as it stays a away we should be able to get back swathing pretty soon.

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We live in a world of technology and learning to embrace it provides so many opportunities. My GPS auto steer in in my John Deere allows me to run my Real Estate Business from the cab of my tractor. This video began the blog page appropriately named TractorView as this is where I get the most time to create the blog posts on my site.

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I have finally broke down and bought a brand new 2305 utility tractor for yard work. Although I only have 3 hours on it I am so glad I made this purchase. After pricing several of the competitors utility tractors the 2305 provided the best value and of course I always lean toward a Deere!

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Just a short little video while I was dropping off my F150 for a service at my local Ford dealer. My sales guy knows I have a weakness for new trucks and had the new F250 waiting for me to drive back to my office. I was so shocked at the new display I had to film it. Very cool technology now I just need to find the 70k for the sticker price!

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Two consecutive days of frost has me concerned with the late Canola crop and it is not even the first of September. All of the crops are very late and these early frosts are not helping matters. Time will tell the extent of the damage.

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I know it is a challenge to keep a fully stocked parts inventory for dealers, I think it is crucial to future sales. Farmer like everyone are creatures of habit and if one deal has no parts inventory the farmer will create a habit of going to another that does. Eventually this habit will lead them through the door to buy a new piece of equipment.

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I love my iPad for use on the farm and the Otter Box Defender is the best product I have found to protect it. I filmed this video in the field to demonstrate how well this product fits on the JD field office and why I feel it works so well in a work application.

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Well it has finally quit raining however a very large group of Canada Geese have taken residency in our Barley field. We now have a morning, noon and night official goose chase on the farm! What a crazy year!

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Just had a chance to check out the 2010 John Deere 9870 with a 40' header. This is a very impressive machine that I hope to field test once we get into the 2010 harvest. I did not have much time to go into all the features but I will hopefully get into more details in a later blog review.

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Harvest 2010 is going to be challenging one. Fortunately we do have all the Canola down and it is now raining :(

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Agents must use more caution than ever in who they allow to promote their data. Think about how your data is being used prior to agreeing to allow a third party website to promote your listings.

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Just another day in the life on the farm. Apparently it is a little softer around this low spot than I thought. Guess I will take a break with my iPad waiting for dad to show with a tractor to pull me out.

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