The Calm before the Harvest Storm - #fitfarmer

Sitting here 5 am enjoying a quiet coffee before departing Breckenridge, Colorado with a million thoughts racing through my mind. Yes I have seen the posts of combines rolling into pea fields back home, yes I feel the anxiety of harvest approaching just days away and I am thousands of miles away. However sometimes what we all need is a little distance and perspective to stay healthy for the farm and our families.

Now would I choose a bucket list “A event” in August every year of cou

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What is #Fitfarmer?


#Fitfarmer is a sharing initiative to inspire an active lifestyle for those living in rural farm communities.  As a farmer, father, and businessman I know how hard it is to balance the pressures of life with finding time to eat a balanced diet and train as a competitive athlete.  #Fitfarmer is to share training and health tips for those of us who don’t live next door to a gym but have endless acres of potential to train.  This initiative is all about supporting health

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What and why of gravel cycling... #fitfarmer



As a cyclist with a fleet of bikes I am often asked if forced to only pick one bike to ride what my choice would be. I have never struggled much to quickly answer my gravel grinder and until recent years received a puzzled look and the question “what is a gravel grinder?”

Today gravel and adventure bikes have their own category of bikes, geometry, and features beyond my wildest imagination compared to when I built mine 6 years ago. This category of bike has exploded in

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Why I Clan….

I sometimes wonder if I was ever intended to grow up or if I am stuck in this quasi adult mind that races between the responsibilities of a business owner, farmer, father, and the things that fuel my passion for living cycling, exploring, and even in this case gaming. Having a 12 year old has not forced me to step up into my adult role nearly as much as it has refreshed my desire to see the world through his eyes.  I also realize that this is my very short window when parents have the luxur

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Recovery from #Harvest2016


It is November 12 and the combine has been rinsed off and put away for the season. It is 4:30am and I am sitting up having a coffee my mind still racing from this three month (4 calendar month) nightmare that will forever be immortalized by every farmer in western Canada #harvest16. As I sift through the pile of mail at my desk and put the finishing touches on my AFSC harvested crop report before the Nov 14 deadline I can already hear myself repeating the story of this season to future ge

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Building a Success Team

Thanks to a mid-harvest dump of snow, it has been quite a while since I have sat down to write. But as I have said, this blog is more about documenting my journey and observations about life rather than consistency. I am just a farm boy writing when I get a small window of opportunity within my chaotic life.

As always, my goal is to grow in all ways and the biggest contributor to this growth is my willingness to learn. This was one of the revelations I had after plowing through 31 audio books i

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#Fitfarmer Stress Managment Tips


Lets rewind a couple of days to when I started writing this blog. The sun was out the forecast was sunny and hot for the next 3 days and the I was on my first pass straight cutting peas.  First day with a new combine, first day with a new hired hand, soggy wet fields, peas flatter than flatter than piss on a plate, what could possibly go wrong?  Almost immediately a high hydraulic temp light flashes at me on the combine, then a sheer bolt on the unload auger, then by a bearing g

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 With the race season over and summer coming to an end, I have been looking back and feeling a touch of guilt for neglecting my blog over the last year. Despite having a number of experiences and ideas I have wanted to share, I just haven’t made the time to put them to paper… or to the keyboard anyway, you know what I mean.

I have been sitting on TractorView for the better part of a year now, stuck on deciding which direction to take it. After much thinking, I have decided that the bes

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Pre Harvest Jitters

There is something very surreal about this time of year, a nervous energy that I am sure every farmer feels.  The fear of the unknown and the excitement of a season’s efforts tending to the land to culminate into what we hope is a successful harvest. 

The only reference point I have for the feeling is from my experience racing bikes.  The start line jitters, standing in the gate knowing that all the prep work is done and very soon the gun will go off and it is full out with

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Just a short overview of the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Limited on my quest to buy a new truck. I have to admit I have never been a Dodge guy but this truck may convert me. Very well finished vehicle with lots of extras at the top end of the truck market I can see why Car and Driver picked this as the truck of the year again.

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I have owned a DJI drone for several years now and for too long just accpeted it rolling around on floor of my truck during transport.  Fortunatly my wife is for more careful with this type of equipment and last Christmas found me the perfect case the Nanuk 945 DJI Phantom case with custom cut padding.  This case is has far more thought and design features than I could have imagined in an impact resistant hard shell case.  If you are own a drone and are looking for a

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I am in the market for a new truck and have been focusing a lot of effort on test driving, reading reviews, comparing options attempting to deciding what my next ride should be. I use my truck primarily for real estate and spend a lot of time on the road so LOVING whatever I pick is important. The last truck I bought was late 2010 and now I am due. Feel free to watch, please keep in mind I am not car and driver reviewing I just a farm kid picking out a new set of wheels. My first review is the 2

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