As a farmer, you’re always looking for ways to make life easier on yourself. You work hard, you play just as hard, and you need to find new and exciting ways to get your operations not only running smoothly, but to become more successful as well.

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When it comes to farm blogs and social media, should your main focus be on getting as many likes as possible? Of course you want a large number of likes; naturally, you want more than your competitors are getting.

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With the recent trend of having an app developed for all sorts of services, some of the latest technologies have been applied for particular niche areas of interest. Mobile apps for farmers have recently been developed to help provide a plethora of information to users.

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If you have a farm blog, you are becoming acquainted with the wide world of media. Social media and social networking are very powerful mediums and one is often substituted for the other due to the similarities.

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What is the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups and how can Farmers use them to improve their reach? Well, that can be a tough question, primarily if you are unfamiliar with Facebook in general.

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Improve your farm blog using Google Analytics, a free tool that can help you with design, keywords and more. It is easy to use; once you set up the account, you will need to apply the code to your website. This is generated by setting up a profile for the site you will be tracking.

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Best Canadian Farming Blogs for 2012

The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and when you’re a farmer that hat dropping can either make or break your livelihood. It’s important to stay on top of things like the climate, conditions, and forecast, but if you’re a successful farmer then your time is at a premium.

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A farming website is often used for selling a product or service. The load time can make a difference for many who are ready to make a purchase, but become frustrated by pages that load slowly.

A farming website is often used for selling a product or service. The load time can make a difference for many who are ready to make a purchase, but become frustrated by pages that load slowly. Today, faster computers and consumers who do not like to wait (often longer than 3 seconds!) require online merchants to make improvements in load times. Therefore, farming websites need load time improvements as well. 

There are many companies and tools available that provide website load time help. began using a site optimization tool last year and improvements of 45% were seen. Their landing page load time was reduced to just two seconds. Although this was a tall order it considered essential to keep from losing potential customers. Four second load times were acceptable in the past; however, today, with the advancements in technology, this is considered too slow. 

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Farm bloggers can use social media to help increase brand awareness as well as reaching many people who are interested in their services or products. The difficult part is gauging the benefits that are provided for their business by social media.

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From personal experience, there is no doubt that Farm blogs can benefit from the use of videos. Retailers are always looking for innovative ways to connect with shoppers, and videos are one of the ways of doing so.

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When creating a landing page for your farming blog that will draw more viewers, especially when used to sell products or services, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. The first thing that viewers see when they arrive on the landing page is the headline.

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Top 5 Ways to Promote your Online Farm Brand on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter and are wondering how you will ever promote your farm brand with so many tweets going on around you, there are several simple things that can be done. Here are five to get you started on your tweeting journey:

Often newcomers feel as if there is no way that anyone will notice them on Twitter because everyone is so busy. One of the ways that can be used to create your visibility to start is to use a few tools. One is auto-scheduling tweets. However, this can be overdone, so you must be careful. The thing that makes Twitter work so well is the human element. If you over-automate, this defeats the purpose. The use of tools that track traffic – referral and leads as well as customers – can help to gauge the effectiveness of your Twitter input and how it affects your farm brand. 

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