A tech savvy farmer knows the importance of utilizing emails and the Internet to keep in touch with clientele and other potential customers. Here are 12 more tips on how to use email and technology effectively.

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Flaunt Your Stuff!

Have you ever considered using Instagram for business? If you are not sure what it is or how it can help you, this is the time to learn. This free mobile app for sharing photos has more than 80 million users and can benefit agricultural businesses as well as retail.

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One of the problems with writing a blog is that we often get too busy with farm business and do not have time or forget to update the blog with exciting and unique content. Consistency is one of the most important factors in creating a blog that will be read and enjoyed. An editorial calendar can help solve this problem.

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Farm machines have turned high-tech with the launch of Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technologies by Case IH, a global leader in equipment manufacturing. 

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Websites in the past have neglected to provide mobile support, but as technology advances, mobile accessibility is now the wave of the future, and it’s a great way to reach your targeted audience. Whether you’re trying to provide the necessary information to the community, or you are interested in increasing revenue, mobilizing your Internet site can be a profitable win for your blog. The following checklist will help improve your mobile experience.

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Capturing Your Day on the Farm with a Smartphone

Farmers today can utilize their Smart Phones by showcasing what they do on a daily basis.

Farming with the Smart Phone is a great way to spend a day on the farm by displaying your daily job activities, the growth and progress that is made and any obstacles that you overcome in regards to farming. 

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One of the first things a new reader notices on your site is how fast the page loads. Even if the web developer has the best site in the world, they will not be able to keep readers if the page loads too slowly. Google also places a high value on speed since the search engine wants viewers to have the best experience. If the website is not operating at optimal levels, it could lose its Google ranking.  Farm bloggers can check the performance of their website easily using Pingdom. This prog

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Farm Blogs Tags and Categories - What and Why?








To put it in simple terms, tags are words or sometimes phrases that describe what a blog post is about. Farm blogs use them to show what the theme for the post is. The blog can be further divided into categories that clearly illustrate the topic. Farmers can divide their posts into spring planting topics, opinion or weather. 


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The email inbox.

Few things are more effective at wasting time than this thicket of spam, useless updates and unwanted notifications. Hacking a path through the labyrinth of unwanted notices and advertisements to track down personal correspondence and other important emails can be flat-out exhausting. When these new emails are sent directly to a cellphone, the distractions become even more disruptive. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.

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Farm Blogs - Which Blog Platform Is The Best?

The first thing people think of in terms of agribusiness does not usually involve the internet. However, in today’s economy, the internet may be a good tool for the agriculture business.

Among the many tools the internet puts at the farmer’s disposal these days, are farm blogs. Agribusiness blogs allow those in the agriculture business to express their opinions, tell farming stories, and report agriculture news.

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Marketing Your Farm Blog with Google Plus

The easiest way to maximize the exposure of your farm blog is through Google Plus, rather than other social media sources. Signing up for this community will boost the ranking of your website and give you targeted circles of people who are interested in your products and methods.

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A Quick Response Code, or QR Code, is the two-dimensional matrix barcode which enables consumers to have instant access, through an easy scan from their smartphone. With millions of people in the country using smartphones (it is estimated that around 110 millions use it in the country and around 94% farmers own them), this mobile readable bar code enables increased brand transparency as consumers get instant mobile access to connect.

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