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Just wanted to take a few minutes to review the iPad 2 and the new OtterBox for the the iPad 2.

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Just a short video of a farm boy in love with his new truck. I can't think of anything that Ford could have done better with this 2011 F150 it makes me smile everyday I get in it to commute to the office or to the field!

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Just wanted to answer one of the questions I get asked a lot about when selling acreages in rural areas about septic systems. There are many types of septic systems in rural Alberta and I have only touched on the two most common in this area. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or comments about rural properties.

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I call acreages "boomerang" sales all to often once I find an acreage for a client they turn around and want to sell it just as fast. The usual reason is that they underestimated all the extra work and maintenance. So I have decided run a series on the extra jobs around my farm and maintaining an acreage. If you still want to buy an acreage after watching this series check out my listings at

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Great big happy birthday wishes from TractorView! Hope you had a great day Nik Nik

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Harvest 2010 is finally in full swing and we are hoping for a couple of weeks of sunshine. To say the dust is flying would be an understatement. The canola that has been swathed and rained on for over a month is turning to powder after going through the combine,its OK with me so long as it stays dry!

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I am very thankful to accept an appointment to the Futures Form Task Force for the Canadian Real Estate Association. This role is one which I am very excited to take on as it involves input and development of a social media strategy, facilitation of virtual conversations amongst members, and engagement of younger, technologically proficient leadership in dialoge regarding the future needs of consumers. If it is possible to have a task force line up with all of my passions this one is it! Thank y

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Just a short video reviewing the new 11" MacBook Air which I have added to my John Deere field office. I have been very happy using this new Air and although it will not replace my iPad it does have some advantages.

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Just another day chasing geese off of the Barley! Man I hope we get the weekend heat so we can combine soon!

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Wecome back to Tractorview for the 2011 growing season. Just a short blog about the market conditions around Drumheller this spring and an update on the farm seeding progress.

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Just for Victor Lund in CA and because boredom has overcome me on this "feels like -49 day"!

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