Me the Farmer

I have farming in my heart, soul, it is a part of me as it has been in my family for over 100 years. Farming is about hard work, simple values and more hard work!

 The Chambers family farm is celebrating its 100th year of actively farming since homesteading, where my parents now reside and where I grew up. I farm with my dad whom is a true farmer to his core. I don't think I have ever met anyone whom knows exactly what they wanted to do their entire life and is completely content doing it

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So I have now stopped four times at one of my Starbucks locations coming in and out of Calgary and had to make a special order to get a cup of black dark roast coffee, what the hell is the deal with that?

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Rumble Strip Rant

I am not sure if Alberta Transportation is just bored and looking for make work projects but the cutting of rumble strips along every highway seems to be getting out of control! I will call it now that sooner or later a cyclist will be killed attempting to avoid these strips on highways they where not designed for!

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