Often I like to get really ridiculous and think of how the world would work if farm implement dealers hired 20-year-old tech minds from Silicone Valley to run their parts counters. This blog is the result of those thoughts.

Like all farmers, over the years I have seen my fair share of breakdowns. We all know breakdowns are just as much a part of farming as the process of growing. Interestingly, how we deal with breakdowns has not changed much, even though our communication tools have drastically

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I just finished a great road ride with Richard Greaves (@soldbyrichard) and i have to say that in the past month I have really been fortunate to network both online and in person to gain some great business ideas with people i regularly follow social sites such as twitter. My point with with statement is that social media still needs to have a social component to be effective and their will never be a substitute for meeting as chatting over a cup of coffee.

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Clever Marketing by Ford

I was at my local Ford dealer for an oil change today and I noticed a piece of marketing that I thought was so interesting I had to buy it.  I am a devout student of marketing and it seems in this age of information few things capture my attention (yes Old Spice man you did) and today a hat oddly enough did.

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Competitive Nature

Since when having a competitive nature a bad thing? Why is it easier for people to understand those whom are content being average rather than those who want to be the best at everything they take on? I obviously have a very competitive streak in me that drive me in everything I take on and I am glad that I have been given this drive as it is a born trait not learned or trained!

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We are now past the midpoint of August. My harvest clock is ticking and I am starting to get restless (which explains my writing this at 4 a.m.). Typically it takes a bit more for me to become restless than my father who, after August 1st most years, will not go outside a 10-mile radius of our land and he starts re-sweeping out the bins he did in July! This year, however, the crops really are several weeks behind.

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Me the Farmer

I have farming in my heart, soul, it is a part of me as it has been in my family for over 100 years. Farming is about hard work, simple values and more hard work!

 The Chambers family farm is celebrating its 100th year of actively farming since homesteading, where my parents now reside and where I grew up. I farm with my dad whom is a true farmer to his core. I don't think I have ever met anyone whom knows exactly what they wanted to do their entire life and is completely content doing it every minute of every day. I feel the privilege to work side by side with him. I am very fortunate from both the perspective of learning the trade from someone with his experience and also as a son being able to share time with his father as adults which many people never have the opportunity to do.

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For those of you who know me you know that social media is a passion of mine. I have used it for both my business and my personal interest's sake. The application of social media to the real estate business is old news but as of late I have been watching social media in its infancy in my other business farming. No to me this is very interesting to watch .....

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Rumble Strip Rant

I am not sure if Alberta Transportation is just bored and looking for make work projects but the cutting of rumble strips along every highway seems to be getting out of control! I will call it now that sooner or later a cyclist will be killed attempting to avoid these strips on highways they where not designed for!

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As you may or may not know I love the social media platform Foursquare. Maybe it goes back to my boy scout days that triggers excitement when I earn a new badge. Unfortunately one of the down sides to living in a small community is that Foursquare has very limited application as the amount of users is minimal and everyone already knows everyone. However I think i have thought up a new use that may get a rural following....

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So I have now stopped four times at one of my Starbucks locations coming in and out of Calgary and had to make a special order to get a cup of black dark roast coffee, what the hell is the deal with that?

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I so sick attempting to use government websites such as SpinHost 2for land title searching in Alberta and now e-services for the Canadian Wheat Board Site and guess what message I received

We have detected that you are using a browser or browser version that is not supported in CWB e-services.You will need to upgrade your browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or better. Please select the Microsoft link below to download a free browser upgrade. Before downloading any browser, please ensure that it is compatible with your operating system.


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