A farming website is often used for selling a product or service. The load time can make a difference for many who are ready to make a purchase, but become frustrated by pages that load slowly.

A farming website is often used for selling a product or service. The load time can make a difference for many who are ready to make a purchase, but become frustrated by pages that load slowly. Today, faster computers and consumers who do not like to wait (often longer than 3 seconds!) require o

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Online farming tools are being used by tech-savvy farmers in Alberta. They provide a number of beneficial aspects. The Ministry, which is divided into many agencies, commissions and boards also includes the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Department is in charge of managing programs that aid in the following:

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From personal experience, there is no doubt that Farm blogs can benefit from the use of videos. Retailers are always looking for innovative ways to connect with shoppers, and videos are one of the ways of doing so.

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When determining a farmer’s target market, part of the considerations will be the product that is being marketed. What sector of consumers will provide the growth, profit and cash flow needed by your market? This requires thinking creatively about the product in order to determine this aspect. Identify the farmers target market that you want to pursue. How do you do this? Get paper and a pen and write the following questions:

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Top 5 Ways to Promote your Online Farm Brand on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter and are wondering how you will ever promote your farm brand with so many tweets going on around you, there are several simple things that can be done. Here are five to get you started on your tweeting journey:

Often newcomers feel as if there is no way that anyone will notice them on Twitter because everyone is so busy. One of the ways that can be used to create your visibility to start is to use a few tools. One is auto-scheduling tweets. However, this can be overdone, so you must be careful. The thing that makes Twitter work so well is the human element. If you over-automate, this defeats the purpose. The use of tools that track traffic – referral and leads as well as customers – can help to gauge the effectiveness of your Twitter input and how it affects your farm brand. 

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Relationships developed by using social media can humanize your farm online. The connections made with others – friends, customers and followers – can be quite beneficial in a number of ways. Improving the perspective that others have about farming, finding solutions to problems and connecting with customers are a few of the benefits. The following three tips can be used to help you to humanize your farm online.

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to overcome a challenge with your daily farm duties?  What about struggles that feel like you're the only one experiencing them?  Blog about it!  The farming world is waiting for your questions to answer!  People love to give advise...

Do you sometimes have difficult thinking of new content for your farming blog? Often it is not easy to come up with new things to write about on the spur of the moment. There are a few tricks that can be used if you are stuck when it comes to what you want to say in your farming blog.

Everyone who has a farm experiences challenges on a daily basis. What was the latest problem you experienced and how did you solve it? This can be interesting content for sharing as someone else may have experienced the same problem and is looking for a solution.

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A farm blog is becoming one of the popular ways for a variety of benefits. The great thing about blogs is they are actually a website, but they are much easier for the average person to setup. The process has been simplified to the point that downloading a blogging platform will allow you to get up and running in no time. You do not have to learn coding and uploading the files that are needed takes about 30 seconds. You can have the entire farm blog set up and ready to use in about 5 to 10 minutes.

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Testing is something that Farmers do well.  And it doesn't stop on the fields.  One of the best ways to test your farm blog to see if it is successful is A/B testing.

A/B testing is a tool that can be used to get the best results from your content and ideally, generate additional business. When A/B testing is used to test the performance of landing pages, website pages and emails, it allows adjustments to be made and this will increase business generation. But don’t worry; It's not as difficult as it sounds. Here are a few pointers on how to test your farm blog landing page using A/B testing.

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Blogging about farming is becoming one of the best ways to find information and connect with others in the industry. It is not as overwhelming as it may seem. The process can be simple if you know where to start. The following steps will give you some ideas of the basic ways you can start blogging about farming.

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With social networking growing exponetially on a daily (or even hourly basis) the importance of including it's use is becoming more important to farming.  But how much time do you have to work on your social networking and media accounts?

Social networking is becoming more important to farming and a new Chrome browser extension, Publish Sync, saves a whole lot of time. As a farmer, I have some additional time to update my social media sites, but not the time it takes for reposting and reposting on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other sites.

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Planting your Social Media Seeds 

Social media and agriculture are gaining ground. As few as 10 years ago, social media was unheard of among ranchers, farmers and the agricultural community. Today, it is used for communication among farmers everywhere and as a way of obtaining news about the industry. Approximately 99% of ranchers and farmers have Internet access and use it – three-fours of this percentage have a Facebook account. Technology has advanced and social medial is connecting people with ideas and methods that benefit farming and agriculture. 

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