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Digging Into Pinterest for Farmers

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Digging Into Pinterest for Farmers


Pinterest for farmers is a visual plethora of favorites, from calves to food tips to crops and much more. Everyday images that the farmer takes for granted bring wonder and education to those who do not live on a farm. It "humanizes" the farm and ranch to the mainstream public, actually interested in more than crazy shoes and cute fashions.

Building trust is part of education, letting people know what we do. Although the farmer is still trusted, many people question the practices surrounding farming. Photos and videos, showing the caring of the land and animals, help build trust and emotional involvement of others. Agriculture is brought to life, and daily chores become fascinating to others who have never experienced life on the farm. Here are some terms which you should know when using Pinterest:



After signing up, select a category and name your board. These are similar to albums or a bulletin board hanging in your kitchen. Your favorite photo can serve as the cover of your board. This enables followers to follow a board, rather than a user. If the creator invites others, they can post to the board. The Farms & Rural America, Food & Agriculture board is one board that appeals to abundant followers, many of whom are not at all connected to farming.


Just like thumbtacks or push-pins, Pinterest users pin photos, videos, images or graphics to their boards. Once it is pinned, an image can be re-pinned, and word spreads, allowing users to comment and pin it to their own board. Remember that it is all public domain, so share what you'd like the world to see.



Here's how I have used Pinterest - I've utilized my board for the promotion of farming and the practices involved but also made it personal, by including things I love, including biking, sport toys, friends and bike art.   Be sure to share your Pinteres board link in the comments below so I can learn more about you and your farm and others can enjoy and repin them too!


Consider how Pinterest can add to the human interest in your life, your farm or ranch and start pinning!