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The Best IFTTT Recipes For Farmers

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The Best IFTTT Recipes For Farmers

Those involved in farming and marketing their products are probably already involved with social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Now an app on your iPhone can be added that will save time and offer convenience while about your daily activities. A powerful tool to help is the use of the best IFTTT recipes.


What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a service that combines connections with a simple statement: if this, then that. "If this" is called the Trigger, and "if that" is called the Action. Together, they make up what is called a Recipe. Channels are the basic building blocks of recipes, and examples of channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, weather, email, or Google Calendar. There are many more.


Agricultural business and farmers can take advantage of some simple IFTTT recipes to save time and be organized while in their fields.


Five Great Recipes

1. Get a reminder to follow up when adding a new contact to your phone. This is especially helpful when out in the field doing work. It will send you an email to remind you.


2. Remind yourself to pay your bills. This, as you know, can be quite important to any enterprise, especially farming.


3. You can save an important New York Times article to Feedy, once you have activated both. Information affecting the price of crops or articles that might influence your marketing can all be saved for reading later.


4. If changing your Facebook profile, save time with an update to Twitter as well. New pictures from the field or your operations get instantly posted to both channels.


5. Get emails with your new iPhone photos, a great way to send them to clients, family and those with whom you do business.


Have a great IFTTT recipe that you think would help out a farmer or two?  Let us know in the comments below!