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Mailbox App - Never Be Buried By Email Again

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Mailbox App - Never Be Buried By Email Again


Mailbox App Review


Mailbox is the latest cellphone app that is designed for the iPhone and Gmail. It allows user the ability to manage their inboxes with an efficient and streamlined approach. Most individuals handle a large volume of mail each day, and you're probably no different!




The application didn’t disappoint after receiving it. It started with a tutorial that showed the various techniques and swipes used to manage the emails. The UI is easy to navigate, clear and precise, and it doesn’t compare to its rivals. I was able to traverse the application and clear my inbox with little to no instructions.


The swipe system is clever and gave me various instructions on how to handle the emails such as halfway to the right or left and full swipes. The most interesting part of Mailbox was the emails. I could handle the inbox through delete, add to a list, archive or schedule later. It was the adding to a list and scheduling later that gave Mailbox an edge over the competition. Another eight options were presented to me and included next week and someday to name a few. The app then moves the message to the appropriate box, with a dated alert of when the email should be dealt with. It also allowed me the option to customize the schedule later features.


The lists work similar to the scheduling features with the swiping message. Choices of “to read” and “to do” are included in this. Users could also create a new list if they wanted. The composition aspect of the Mailbox app is similar to the iPhone email software and easy to use. It allows you the option to attach images from the gallery of your iPhone or take new pictures with the phone’s camera. 







While it only currently works for individuals who own an iPhone and utilize Gmail service, a spokesperson for the Mailbox app said that they have plans to include additional devices and providers in the future. 


Mailbox is a sophisticated and simple to use application that allows users to handle and task manage their emails. For individuals who find themselves tied to their inbox, the app is unique and intuitive to the many email tasks that you may need to accomplish throughout your busy day. It’s also free, making it the best investment for today’s users.