Top 7 Farm Blog SEO Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Having a farm blog is one thing, but having one that actually produces results is a completely other thing.


There are actually many aspects of writing a blog post that can make it or break it for you in the search engine world.  Optimizing both your site as a whole and your posts individually can make the difference in being seen or being practically invisible.  Below are the top seven SEO mistakes bloggers and site owners make which you can fix today:



Title Tags Are Not Optimized


One of your best keywords should be near the beginning of the tag. The title tag helps in your ranking and tells potential customers or users more about the content. You should not use "Home" or the brand name. It should be meaningful and include an important keyword.


Title Tags are Duplicated


Your title tag should be the only one and not be the same for each page. Otherwise the search engines will index one page on the site. Checking for duplicates is facilitated with Bing Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Tools.


Content is Duplicated


Use Webmaster Tools from Google or Bing to check for duplicate content, which is often a common mistake.


The Home page lacks Deep Links


Text linking as well as graphics should be part of the home page. Because the home page gets the most traffic, linking brings people to the important pages within your site.


Too Many Home Page Links


Having too many links on your home page dilutes the content of your website. Moz Crawl Diagnostics can help you find where you might have too many links and are losing the needed control.


Your Website is Un-Crawlable


If the engines can't crawl or there is content you do not link to, your site may not be crawlable. If a tool like Screaming Frog finds a discrepancy between the number of your pages on the site and the number it finds, you might have an issue.


SEO Expectations are Unreasonable


If your website is in top shape and your business is one that should be noticed, SEO mistakes can be fixed.


Errors in SEO are often repeated over and over again. Many are easily fixable and will contribute to a successful website. If you do not have someone to check these for you, the above tips will definitely make a difference to your search engine results.  


Happy SEO'ing!