Creating an Editorial Calendar for Your Farm Blog

One of the problems with writing a blog is that we often get too busy with farm business and do not have time or forget to update the blog with exciting and unique content. Consistency is one of the most important factors in creating a blog that will be read and enjoyed. An editorial calendar can help solve this problem.


Several steps can be taken to plan your calendar to ensure a blogging commitment:

1. Decide on the Form
Whether it is a white board with eraser, a blackboard, large calendar, or computer posted notes, sharing the dates and editing the content should be included. Wordpress has a plugin for editorial calendars.

2. Set Goals 
Plan on how many posts can be scheduled realistically per week. Do you want to decide how many posts each person can write? What percentage of your posts might be about the farming environment and what percentage about the business side? Specific terms such as "canned jams" or "goat cheese" can be referred to and increase your rankings.

3. Plan Keywords
Whether it is driving readers to selected pages on your site or highlighting your products, target keywords and topics should be part of your calendar.

4. Discuss Content with Employees and Brainstorm Ideas
Input from your staff and workers can help shape the content such as:

    • Photos

    • Live coverage or videos of the farm

    • Happenings in the agricultural world

    • "How To Do" blogs

    • Recipes/ food tips

Others may have ideas that will keep content fresh. You might have one month with a special theme, such as Life on the Farm, or anything that might be of interest to your readers.

5. Check Your Editorial Calendar Against a Real Calendar
Plan your blogging to acknowledge holidays and the seasons, something you are very aware of in farming, and create interest.

Whether using keywords or titles on your calendar, it will be effective and will help your farm blog become consistent and consistently read.