Take Your Inbox By The Horns


The email inbox.

Few things are more effective at wasting time than this thicket of spam, useless updates and unwanted notifications. Hacking a path through the labyrinth of unwanted notices and advertisements to track down personal correspondence and other important emails can be flat-out exhausting. When these new emails are sent directly to a cellphone, the distractions become even more disruptive. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way.


Work, Interrupted

It's estimated that it takes between four and twenty minutes to regain focus on a task after being interrupted. In some cases, the level of focus never completely returns. Most of us suffer through a whole host of distractions on a daily basis as it is, and email notifications only make things worse. Although many of the websites most notorious for over-notification have settings to turn them off or change when they're received, it can be confusing and extremely time-consuming to locate and change all of them manually. Thankfully, Notify Me Not offers a deceptively simple yet wonderfully efficient solution.

Reclaim Your Focus

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. There are no shortage of websites that will fill your inbox to its bursting point if you let them. Notify Me Not's ultra-simple interface provides the perfect tool for reclaiming your focus and productivity without wasting hours of your time. A set of tiled buttons list all of the most common offenders, and a quick mouseover reveals a link directly to the settings page for each site. Also provided are links to excellent step-by-step guides which explain how to properly configure each site.

By providing a direct link to the settings for each website, you're given the control to determine exactly if, when and how you receive notifications. Using Notify Me Not, you can finally work interruption-free without worrying about missing the important stuff. So go ahead, give it a try and take back your inbox for good.