Flaunt Your Stuff!


Have you ever considered using Instagram for business? If you are not sure what it is or how it can help you, this is the time to learn. This free mobile app for sharing photos has more than 80 million users and can benefit agricultural businesses as well as retail.


With such features as viewing, adding comments, searching, and liking your content, the social media world is made available to you. You will have a wider audience that will know more about you and your products. The following are some ways that you can use Instagram:

Introduce Your Products
Whether it is a collection of jams and jellies, organic produce or milk from the cow, Instagram lets you take photos and show the world what you produce. You might set up a comfy kitchen background to show a farm-fresh collection or a table with grapes and wine if you are a vineyard. Showing the packaging is a winner as well.

How is it Made?
Everyone likes to see how something is made. You might show a cow being milked, or wheat or corn being harvested. Cooking and canning might also have some interesting behind-the-scenes appeal.

How Folks Use It
Showing the product being used in the home, as well as providing photo-feedback, is a great testimonial. Someone might want to show their kids drinking your farm fresh milk or eating your delicious vegetables right at the dinner table.

Bring Yourself to Trade Shows
As a mobile platform, Instagram can show your business as well as behind-the-scenes new facilities, methods and equipment.

Introduce Your Employees
Everyone likes to see who makes their food, from the farmer to the truck driver, so introduce those who help you bring your product to the market.

Cuteness is King
You might show a pet wearing a sweater with your brand as well as your favorite cows. Who doesn't like looking at a milk cow? Fun and warm fuzzies make your product special, so tell the world. Instagram for business invitingly says it for you.