Capturing Your Day on the Farm with a Smartphone

Image Courtesy of Rob Huntley -

Farmers today can utilize their Smart Phones by showcasing what they do on a daily basis.

Farming with the Smart Phone is a great way to spend a day on the farm by displaying your daily job activities, the growth and progress that is made and any obstacles that you overcome in regards to farming. 

iPhone Photography and Video Features

The iPhone is one of the most user friendly devices on the market today. The iPhone 5 allows you to take some of the most stunning pictures and videos that you’ve ever seen. It has a new panorama feature that allows you to take breathtaking scenery and group photos with up to 28 megapixels. The camera also has faster photo capture, so you can showcase your pictures with better detail and clarity than other products on the market.

The enhanced high definition feature allows you to record amazing 1080 HD video. The device allows you to take still photos as you record your video with an improved stabilizer that helps avert shaky movie footage. The iPhone 5 has a front facing camera that allows users to make FaceTime video calls through the cellphone connection even without Wi-Fi. The front facing camera can also be used for taking self-portraits too.

When you’re ready to shoot video, slide the icon over to the video side and push record when you are ready to begin capturing video of your farm or landscape. To edit your masterpieces, you can trim your selection by tapping and highlighting the end of the timeline to your exact specifications.

The icon at the bottom of the screen allows you to share your videos and photos. Email, message and send to YouTube are three of the options that you will encounter. Emailing helps you to save space on your mobile device by sending it to your email address and placing it on your computer. The message button allows you to share the video via text. Lastly, pressing the YouTube icon gives you to the option to send your video viral. Just follow the correct prompts and tap on the publish button when complete.