Publish Sync AKA Why I’m an Android Fan

Publish Sync Chrome Extension

With social networking growing exponetially on a daily (or even hourly basis) the importance of including it's use is becoming more important to farming.  But how much time do you have to work on your social networking and media accounts?

Social networking is becoming more important to farming and a new Chrome browser extension, Publish Sync, saves a whole lot of time. As a farmer, I have some additional time to update my social media sites, but not the time it takes for reposting and reposting on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other sites.

Publish Sync makes it easy to share posts, links and video. Of course, I do not always want to post the same content  to the same people on every social networking site; however, I do have different groups that I connect with on the sites. This is why Publish Sync is so handy. I can send my updates to everyone without wasting time posting on each site. 

Another thing that is great about Publish Sync is compatible with any of the browsers being used – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. Of course, since the arrival of Google+, everyone has been trying to get all their info from the other sites on this one. Rather than taking the time to do all of this, a great advantage that Publish Sync has is that it allows sharing from one site to another. 

All you need to do is use the extension to add a small icon (it looks like a bean stalk – how great is this for farmers?) to the navigation bar on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Clicking the “beanstalk” will connect all your accounts. When I am ready to update my account, I simply type in the status update bar in any of the other sites. A checkbox will show under the status bar and I can check the sites where I want my information to go.
I have an iPhone which also allows me to check for updates and even post my own when I am not at the computer. This is a terrific benefit when you are working and need a break. Publish Sync also allows you to post to specific Google+ circles so all posts do not have to be public. Buttons are added to your posts so they can be shared through Digg, LinkedIn and other sites.