Planting your Social Media Seeds

Planting your Social Media Seeds 

Social media and agriculture are gaining ground. As few as 10 years ago, social media was unheard of among ranchers, farmers and the agricultural community. Today, it is used for communication among farmers everywhere and as a way of obtaining news about the industry. Approximately 99% of ranchers and farmers have Internet access and use it – three-fours of this percentage have a Facebook account. Technology has advanced and social medial is connecting people with ideas and methods that benefit farming and agriculture. 

So, in what way is the combination of social media and agriculture providing a valuable asset for farmers and ranchers? Here are a few of the ways: 

  • Providing a variety of networks and communities that respond swiftly to requests for information as well as emergency issues
  • The ability to learn from other ranchers, farmers and agricultural associates and share information
  • Educating those who are not in the farming business
  • Allowing the sharing of positive information by agriculturalists
  • Marketing of ranch and farm products
  • Consumer interaction and communication
  • Broadening the scope of farmers on a local level

Ranchers and farmers can now connect with people that they never would have had the chance to connect with in the past. This helps them to learn from others. Ideas about improving farm operations can be shared. It can also help them to find solutions to problems that they are experiencing.The following are the top 10 Twitter sites to follow for helpful information about agriculture:  

  1. AgChat Foundation – Board of Directors
  2. AgChat Foundation – The Advisory Board
  3. Row Crop Farmers
  4. Ag Media List
  5. Folks from ACFC10
  6. Advocate List
  7. Ag Media Summit
  8. Ag Media list
  9. Ag Bloggers
  10. Ag Women

Facebook is getting in on the social media and agricultural venues as well. They are using the sites for sharing news on the industry and as a selling tool for their products. Here are two that are becoming well-known on Facebook. 

As social media and agriculture become more popular, I believe more and more people will be using the sites in a countless ways to improve their farming businesses.