Consistency is Key to Branding your Farm

User name

Branding your farm business is one of the best forms of advertising that exists. Selecting a user name that identifies you when talking with others on social media sites is your personal brand that allows others to identify you and know when you are on the site. The names that are chosen are displayed next to your messages and very often they can be almost anything that is desired as long as it does not violate user policies.


Some sites are asking that people use their first and last name for a user name rather than making up something, although they usually do not verify that the name being used is indeed the person’s first and last name. Therefore branding your farm business is possible by choosing the name of the business rather than your name. There are many who join social media sites to promote their businesses.

Social Media for Farmers

There are several forums popping up within the field of farming. From discussion groups that deal with advice on problems being experienced to the ones that people list items for sale, this is becoming quite popular. If you decide that joining one of these sites would be a good idea, by using a name such as “Valley Farms” the name becomes more widely known. Just as other industries are joining sites pertaining to their products, farming is being promoted in the same way.

Since the Internet is used by so many people, it may take a while to find a user name that is not already taken. This is one reason for sites such as The site allows you to check the name chosen for branding your farm business and see if it is available. This can save a lot of time when registering with a site. Rather than constantly putting in a name you choose just to be told that it is taken you can find out ahead of time if the name is open.   

Consistency is important once you register with a site. This is a way of branding your farm business so that it becomes more well-known and ranks higher in Google. By linking all the sites that you frequent you can also improve the branding of your farm business.