What do I get out of Social Media?

I just finished a great road ride with Richard Greaves (@soldbyrichard) and i have to say that in the past month I have really been fortunate to network both online and in person to gain some great business ideas with people i regularly follow social sites such as twitter. My point with with statement is that social media still needs to have a social component to be effective and their will never be a substitute for meeting as chatting over a cup of coffee.

I get a lot of friends and business people asking what I get out of social networking and my efforts to stay in the online social loop. This is a a really good question and why I wanted to address it in my blog. Primary I get friendships, knowledge, and the ability to post my views to whom ever chooses to follow. Now I guess you could say this is a little selfish but really why would you not take advantage of an unlimited number of other successful social beings who all want to share their knowledge online.

Now getting back to the social aspect of social networking I think that sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare are amazing ways to learn, share and discuss topics with others efficiently. However that said it should not mean that you become a recluse sitting behind a computer tweeting about nothing or responding ever time someone posts a status update. Social networking can be the portal to meeting those you may have never had the opportunity to introduce your self to, and potentially invite them to share a coffee.

My ride today with @soldbyrichard and my trip to San Fransisco with @dennispintz are perfect examples where a comfort created in by social media allowed for a physical meeting with two very successful business people whom I may have not otherwise had the opportunity to chat with and learn from.

I do not feel that there is such thing as social media experts I just think that there are some people who enjoy using the tools that the internet has provided to extend their already social nature. I am a very social person and my social networks are just extensions of the social being that I am. Now I am sure for any of you who have met me in person you could attest that my online profile pales in comparison to my energy and enthusiasm I have toward my life. However until someone calls for a coffee it is the only platform I have to share my energy and ideas with others of similar interests.

So to directly answer the question what do I get out of social media? I get to socialize on a daily basis with whomever I choose, I get to learn, read, share and whenever possible I get to visit face to face with other also very social successful minds! So if your following my tweets we are friends on Facebook please be sure that you extend your following outside the online world and keep social media truly social!