Dark Roast Rant

So I have now stopped four times at one of my Starbucks locations coming in and out of Calgary and had to make a special order to get a cup of black dark roast coffee, what the hell is the deal with that?

OK – those who know me know I have a little addiction to Starbucks Coffee.  In fact, I can hardly drive past one without stopping, even if I just finished one.

As of late, however, I have taken exception to an order that supposedly came from "corporate" to many of the Starbucks location's I frequent. This order is to not brew dark roast coffee after 12 pm. WTF is that all about!

In fact, one manager tried to explain to me that it was due to the current economic conditions. As I stared at him like a deer in the headlights, I wondered if I really looked like a big enough moron to believe him.  Let’s just imagine that I am such a moron. So hard times have fallen on 15,756 stores in 44 countries all at the same time and, therefore, at a corporate level cutting out dark roast in the afternoons is going to solve this complex economic situation.   

OK, that makes sense. It’s a pretty rare order for a coffee Barista. I mean, a dark roast coffee with nothing in it – that's a real challenge and very expensive. During these hard economic times, who orders a $1.97 (with your own cup) coffee? It is far more common to have a $5 drink. Again, I guess I am a moron; I just don't get it. 

Or maybe it goes something like this: Starbucks has lost its ability to negotiate on coffee beans and, therefore, regular coffee must only be medium or light roast. No dark, as the labor cost to dark roast for a few extra minutes is a significant enough cost to require a stop it at a  "corporate" level. Assuming this is all making sense to me now, I would still have to explain why people want the light roast in the afternoon and evenings, which is commonly know to have more caffeine than dark roast. I guess we are going to assume people have given up sleeping in the evening. Oh NOW I am starting to understand this whole situation so much more clearly. So although there are three crafts behind the teller (Dark, Light, Decaf) only the light will be full after 12 pm. And at the flick of a switch, four minutes later I can have my oh-so-rare request. I guess this will remain one of my life's little mysteries; I will keep you posted on the real reasoning (should I ever get it), as I have sent emails to Starbucks Canada to try to get some sort of answer.