Competitive Nature

Competitive Nature

Since when having a competitive nature a bad thing? Why is it easier for people to understand those whom are content being average rather than those who want to be the best at everything they take on? I obviously have a very competitive streak in me that drive me in everything I take on and I am glad that I have been given this drive as it is a born trait not learned or trained!

I am a competitive person in every aspect of my life even if it is just competing against myself. However I often hear that maybe I am too competitive which is a concept I just cant wrap my head around. What is too competitive?  Trust me I don't spend much energy thinking about this topic and after this weekend of racing in Canmore I did have a few thoughts on this topic.

I only surround myself with driven competitive people who expect more from themselves in everything they take on and my 24 hour team is no exception.  About 20 hours into the race we had about over a lap lead over second place so many teams would have just sat back and pulled of average times till noon and won the race, but that would not be enough for this group.

What we started doing is looking at our line up and figuring out ways we could squeeze out one extra lap for no other reason than it was now a race against our selves.  To accomplish this goal the last three racers (Geoff, Myself and Craig) basically had to pull off lap times that where as fast or faster than those we did 22 hours ago. Was it possible?? I don't think that for one minute from the time we decided that mathematically it was possible did we ever think it was not physically possible. Geoff was the first piece to the puzzle heading out on his lap at exactly 10am if he could get in within 60 minutes we would have a chance as my fastest lap was 57 minutes and I had to be in before 12 pm or Craig could not go out.

As i stood in the transition area watching the clock with nervous energy I knew with every competitive bone in my body that I would do it if Geoff could pull of a strong lap. Sure enough Geoff being an amazing competitor pulled it off with a 58min lap and had to fight through the group of racers waiting out the clock so they did not have to go back out. As he handed me the baton I glanced at the clock and it read 11pm . Meaning I really had to put out my best time of the 24 hours on my last lap on no sleep, and for some reason instead of pressure I felt a calm relaxed feeling come over my body with the rush of adrenalin. As I raced around all those just trying to finish their last lap  I saw the similarity to between racing and life. A large majority of the population are comfortable at the everyday pace and a select few drive with as much energy and passion as possible just to say they did. I did not look at my clock once during the lap I just stared up the trail forcing myself to push harder with every pedal stroke.

As I approached the final climb I heard my team cheering before I could even see them and I knew it was going to be close. Pushing harder till I could see the clock and realized it read 11:58  forcing me to drive all the way to the transition area where Craig was ready to fly. By the time he got the baton he had about 20 seconds to get on course. After I was done dry heaving in the transition area a big smile came across my face realizing that I had given it all even though we did not need to to win. Of course Craig hammered of his lap in 57 minutes giving us our 24 laps in 24 hours and the category win by over 2 laps. In my mind I knew that the the group of people I surrounded my self with for this 24 hours really did get that it was never about winning or losing but competing against both the other teams and ourselves!