Marketing Your Farm Blog with Google Plus


The easiest way to maximize the exposure of your farm blog is through Google Plus, rather than other social media sources. Signing up for this community will boost the ranking of your website and give you targeted circles of people who are interested in your products and methods.

Farm blog marketing has never been quicker, more effective or faster. Going beyond just posting, you can take advantage of all that Google+ offers to help your business succeed.

Set Up a Google+ for Business Page

    • Login

    • Choose a category

    • Enter the information asked

    • Create a tagline and add photos

    • Tell your farm blog followers about your new page

    • The final page of your signup offers choices

Remember that a good tagline will say much about your business and create interest. If it is too vague, visitors may be confused. An example of an interesting tagline might be:

"Fresh vegetables from our farm to your home."

Photos are popular on Google+, and presenting your farm, employees, animals, behind the scenes, products and events are engaging. Showing employees makes you more real and personable to the viewer.

The first choice on the final page is "start the conversation." It is here that you can post your blog and any content your reader might find interesting. Videos, photos and existing news from the farm can all be posted. You can also connect your website, tell the world and build your circles, which allows you to follow others and select your followers. Additional marketing choices are also available from this page.

Verification is another choice given by Google Plus. It puts a check mark next to your name so that followers know that it is your page and not a fake page. It can be accessed within "Edit your profile."

Remember to engage your followers and not just sell to them. Status updates are an important part of your page; providing insights into the farming industry adds value. Your farm blog marketing has never been easier than with your Google+ page.