Why Have a Farm Blog and Not a Website

A farm blog is becoming one of the popular ways for a variety of benefits. The great thing about blogs is they are actually a website, but they are much easier for the average person to setup. The process has been simplified to the point that downloading a blogging platform will allow you to get up and running in no time. You do not have to learn coding and uploading the files that are needed takes about 30 seconds. You can have the entire farm blog set up and ready to use in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Having a farm blog provides easier communicate between the author and visitors. A website does not provide communication as easily as a blog. The blog that provides interesting and regular updates will generate comments, pingbacks and trackbacks.


When a farm blog is regularly updated, it is easier than a website to browse and the content that is provided through the updates are preferred by readers. They like to read what you have to say providing it is stimulating content and they enjoy the comments of other readers. A blog provides more of a personal tone in the content than a website, which is often written in a professional manner. A farm blog will contain activities of the farmer rather than a site with pages of plain content about farming.


Blogs generate more traffic by generating an audience because of your posts. The better the content, the more interest and this is how you create your niche market. When readership increases so will your popularity. The readers will promote your blog by talking and writing about you as well as linking to you. Often they will mention your farm blog in their own blogs.


A blog is more search engine friendly than a website. Since most people update their blogs fairly regularly and because they have numerous interlinks, the search engine bots find them more easily. Want more visits from the bots? Update the farm blog more and you will send out more pings. The result – more interest and more viewers and this is one of the main reasons for creating a blog in the first place.


Your farm blog is easier to link to other blogs. This can add value if there is a particular blog that is related to yours. As long as it is not done too much, which is frowned upon by Google, it can be beneficial. Additionally, the use of RSS allowing readers to subscribe to your blog as soon as it is published is another benefit. This will happen if your content is good. RSS is great for increasing traffic to your blog, improving the ranking of your site and it is a time-saver.