John Deere Going Social??


For those of you who know me you know that social media is a passion of mine. I have used it for both my business and my personal interest's sake. The application of social media to the real estate business is old news but as of late I have been watching social media in its infancy in my other business farming. No to me this is very interesting to watch .....

Now we all know that videos such as this one are really just commercials posted to YouTube but it is very it does show that agricultural products have identified a need to be entering into the social media circles. Obviously Real Estate being a extremely competitive sales game with individual success being solely placed on individual effort has fueled the social media adoption faster than implement sales however the pendulum in all sales is shifting. Farmers have always been quick to adopt technology changes in their equipment so why not in their shopping trends. As a farmer I know that the time of year when I want to watch a product review or sit in a product testing seminar is in the winter when the crop is in the bin. Unfortunately this is also when it is -40 with 5 feet of snow so i have to cram it into my already busy summer, that is unless someone (hint hint) in sales starts to produce informative information on a free platform such as YouTube.

Now as far as I can see there are only a few companies that have adopted social media to their sales however I do see it as an industry with huge growth potential. The next generation of farmer is coming fully equipped with iPhones, iPads and are fully connected with both the commodity markets, grain buyers, and hopefully implement dealers!!