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Embrace the Cold


We live in Canada and I get annoyed when people complain about the cold rather than embracing it.  Much of society has become so accustomed to being comfortable all the time that when we hit an extreme cold stretch such as this week we lose our minds even as Canadians.  Yes this weeks stretch of -40 to -50 temps is very extreme and not ideal for machinery to operate in however I like to think that I am not as simple as a combustion engine or hydraulic pump.  We are complex

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The Calm before the Harvest Storm - #fitfarmer

Sitting here 5 am enjoying a quiet coffee before departing Breckenridge, Colorado with a million thoughts racing through my mind. Yes I have seen the posts of combines rolling into pea fields back home, yes I feel the anxiety of harvest approaching just days away and I am thousands of miles away. However sometimes what we all need is a little distance and perspective to stay healthy for the farm and our families.

Now would I choose a bucket list “A event” in August every year of course not, in

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Post Marathon Thoughts



It’s been six weeks today since I completed my marathon experiment and I wanted to take some time to fully digest my thoughts before writing this post.  As most of you know I have spent the last 20 years taking on new and bigger cycling challenges to the point that there is very little I won’t take on if it involves turning over the pedals.  Running on the other hand is a whole new world and most certainly one that I am going to claim any wisdom or experience in. That be

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What and why of gravel cycling... #fitfarmer


As a cyclist with a fleet of bikes I am often asked if forced to only pick one bike to ride what my choice would be. I have never struggled much to quickly answer my gravel grinder and until recent years received a puzzled look and the question “what is a gravel grinder?”

Today gravel and adventure bikes have their own category of bikes, geometry, and features beyond my wildest imagination compared to when I built mine 6 years ago. This category of bike has exploded in the last two years

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Creating a Recovery Plan - #FitFarmer


So your on track, you have found your groove and have finally carved out the time for an exercise routine.  In fact you rarely are missing your workouts however along with that training comes the aching muscles and joints. Now is the perfect time to create a recovery plan.  It is important to take recovery as seriously as the training. The goal of exercise is to stress the body and break it down so that it can rebuild stronger. This is increasingly important as we age as our mu

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Recovery from #Harvest2016


It is November 12 and the combine has been rinsed off and put away for the season. It is 4:30am and I am sitting up having a coffee my mind still racing from this three month (4 calendar month) nightmare that will forever be immortalized by every farmer in western Canada #harvest16. As I sift through the pile of mail at my desk and put the finishing touches on my AFSC harvested crop report before the Nov 14 deadline I can already hear myself repeating the story of this season to future ge

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#FitFarmer Trends 2019 - On to the Backroads


One of the biggest trends in the cycling world has been the explosion of “Gravel Grinding” and understandably.  Who wouldn’t rather ride side by side on a quiet country road while getting a more challenging workout. Over the last 5 years gravel grinding has come from being an activity for small groups of cycling outliers to a bonafide discipline and industry for cycling and I feel that running is next.  

I realize this statement could easily be debated that runners alread

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#Fitfarmer Stress Managment Tips


Lets rewind a couple of days to when I started writing this blog. The sun was out the forecast was sunny and hot for the next 3 days and the I was on my first pass straight cutting peas.  First day with a new combine, first day with a new hired hand, soggy wet fields, peas flatter than flatter than piss on a plate, what could possibly go wrong?  Almost immediately a high hydraulic temp light flashes at me on the combine, then a sheer bolt on the unload auger, then by a bearing g

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#FitFarmer 2019 Trends - Online Training, Groups and Challenges

I just rolled onto the farm from FarmTech 2019 in Edmonton where I had a lot of great conversations and learning opportunities and also got to share some fit farmer content with Real Ag on the podcast.  However I realized halfway through the 2019 trends that I could have discussed any one trend for an entire episode so here I am to expand on that discussion.

First trend I want to deep dive into is Online Training and interactive Groups and Challenges.  We are only at the infancy of th

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Pre Harvest Jitters

There is something very surreal about this time of year, a nervous energy that I am sure every farmer feels.  The fear of the unknown and the excitement of a season’s efforts tending to the land to culminate into what we hope is a successful harvest. 

The only reference point I have for the feeling is from my experience racing bikes.  The start line jitters, standing in the gate knowing that all the prep work is done and very soon the gun will go off and it is full out with

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Marathon.... sure why not! #FitFarmer

In my pursuit of completing my 50 before 50 list I have decided that shorty after my 45th birthday I will be taking on my first Marathon.  If you are thinking you did not know I am a runner that’s for good reason….because I am not. However I also don’t consider myself strictly “a cyclist” despite it consuming over 20 years of my life.  My fitness goals and life goals are to inspire and scare myself every year by taking on new and harder challenges. Outside of taking on some self suppo

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I have owned a DJI drone for several years now and for too long just accpeted it rolling around on floor of my truck during transport.  Fortunatly my wife is for more careful with this type of equipment and last Christmas found me the perfect case the Nanuk 945 DJI Phantom case with custom cut padding.  This case is has far more thought and design features than I could have imagined in an impact resistant hard shell case.  If you are own a drone and are looking for a

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