Me the Farmer


I have farming in my heart, soul, it is a part of me as it has been in my family for over 100 years. Farming is about hard work, simple values and more hard work!

 The Chambers family farm is celebrating its 100th year of actively farming since homesteading, where my parents now reside and where I grew up. I farm with my dad whom is a true farmer to his core. I don't think I have ever met anyone whom knows exactly what they wanted to do their entire life and is completely content doing it every minute of every day. I feel the privilege to work side by side with him. I am very fortunate from both the perspective of learning the trade from someone with his experience and also as a son being able to share time with his father as adults which many people never have the opportunity to do.

Am I a true farmer to the core? Probably not, but I do enjoy every aspect of the business of farming and the pure simple act of growing food and managing the land responsibly to allow for future generations to do the same. When I say I enjoy the business of farming, those of you whom do not come from a farm, may not understand just how complex of a business it has become.  Today's generation of farmers are one of the most sophisticated business people I know in technology adoption, risk management and commodity/futures trading and accounting. The mix of business factors that can be controlled such as input costs, seed types, and timing along with the uncontrollable factors such as weather, commodity pricing. Also depending on complex machinery, what I find the most challenge in being the farmer.  Over the past several years, people associate my name only with real estate; however farming still is a large part of who I am.

Me the Farmer by EO Perry

Me – The Farmer
I’m Glad I’m a Farmer
Sometimes I’m angry about being a farmer.
And disappointed. Elated. Puzzled. Worried
And, I suppose, every emotion in the book
But I’m glad I’m a farmer
Because I know what I am. And what I feel.
I feel I’m akin to my land and
the things that grow on my land…
And the sky over my land and the
Water that falls on it and flows through it…
And the livestock that sustains itself
Upon my land…
And the buildings that shelter me and my wife
And our children and the machines that help
To make my land fruitful.
These are a bone-deep part of me.
As is sweat. Cloudburst. Drought.
Repairs. Disease. Heartache. Market Losses.
And a hundred and one setbacks and
Successes, large and small, that other men
May never know
But that I know
And am content with
Not because farming is easy
It isn’t
Or because a farmer enjoys the fame.
He doesn’t
Or because a farmer like me is a wealthy man.
I am not.
It is simply because I know what I am.
And I know what I feel
I wouldn’t have me any other way.
Me- the farmer